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160 Icons (I may have lost count.)
52 Doctor Who
43 Various Genre TV
12 Various TV Comedy
22 Absolutely Fabulous
16 Various TV Drama
26 Empire
12 Various movies
20 Musicians & actors

Icons include many variations using the same screen-cap.

All subjects are listed behind the cut along with genres because there are so many I wanted to group them somehow, just to arrange them all in one entry.

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Graphics for [ profile] gameofcards challenge 9x07 Graphics 3 x 5.
The challenge was to make five graphics edits, each one showing three techniques/elements picked from the three lists of given prompts.
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Graphics for [ profile] gameofcards Challenge 8x16: 10 Things I Love About you.
Description: Top 10 most scrobbled artists from my Last.FM profile (as of today).

Edit: Full size items will be added in later, please check back - Photobucket resized all my HD size things to much smaller.
I investigated, it's a site maintenance issue according to PB's blog, not a change to my account, the full sized images should be back by tomorrow. For now I put the missing ones at the bottom of the page.

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I used to make fandom desktop/wallpaper calendars every month, mainly for Smallville & Lost since those were my fave shows back then, I didn't save all of them (or if I did I can't find them) but here's a little 'best of' collection.

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49 various fandoms icons
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