New icons

61 Icons (including many alternates/variations) & 1 wallpaper
46 Doctor Who
15 various TV & movies
1 Doctor Who wallpaper
Icons 49-56, 27 & 19 made for a multifandom icon battle on Dreamwidth, view the full showcase → here!

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Even more Ab Fab icons

For [community profile] ladies10in30 round two, 16 icons of Absolutely Fabulous.
I attempted the close-to-far gradient reverse magnification but I don't think I did it very well, thinking a lot about cropping isn't really my forte.

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160 Icons (from 2017.)

160 Icons (I may have lost count.)
52 Doctor Who
43 Various Genre TV
12 Various TV Comedy
22 Absolutely Fabulous
16 Various TV Drama
26 Empire
12 Various movies
20 Musicians & actors

Icons include many variations using the same screen-cap.

All subjects are listed behind the cut along with genres because there are so many I wanted to group them somehow, just to arrange them all in one entry.

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This comm is now available on Dreamwidth →[community profile] spectral_color!

I imported everything but the comments received.

catchy phrases from the television

5 character catchphrase graphics for [ profile] tv_universe challenge 12x11: That's Catchy.

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For challenge 12x08 Boxes of Emotion prompts @ [ profile] tv_universe.
2 digital scribble/tracing things done in GIMP
2 small picspam graphics
6 team sigtags
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Icons from 2016 (Part 1: Absolutely Fabulous)

143 icons & six larger graphics all about Absolutely Fabulous & cast members.
Icons include variations.
[1-25] Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie
[25-115] Absolutely Fabulous (television series)
[116-130] Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley, Dawn French
[131-136] French and Saunders
[137-139] Joanna Lumley
[140] The Vicar of Dibley (television series)
[141-143] Crossover icons with Doctor Who's Twelfth Doctor
[144-150] Wallpapers & miscellaneous edits

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Icons (Holiday TV)

Made for [ profile] draw_cards 10in20 Holiday icons: 10 prompt icons & 10 alternates.

Subjects: Winter holiday episodes of The Simpsons, Absolutely Fabulous, Modern Family, Doctor Who, The Goldbergs.

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black & white icons

12 icons for [ profile] theiconthrone challenge Black & White.

Rosewood (1), Empire (4), Absolutely Fabulous (1), French and Saunders (1), Girls On Top (1), Comic Relief (1), The Munsters (2)


For the [ profile] gameofcards's Snowflakes challenge.

Wallpapers/edits (1920x1080px) (1) Jenna Coleman, (1) Absolutely Fabulous

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The Joker's Challenge

Graphics for [ profile] gameofcards Challenge 9x17: The Joker's Challenge.
Description: Complete the Joker's tasks for points.

A large graphic with card suits
The Game of Cards Royal Family Toon Doodle
Done in GIMP 2.8

Silly-suits-characters by luminousdaze on DeviantArt

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Graphics 3 x 5

Graphics for [ profile] gameofcards challenge 9x07 Graphics 3 x 5.
The challenge was to make five graphics edits, each one showing three techniques/elements picked from the three lists of given prompts.
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Quotables Graphics

For challenge 11x11 at [ profile] tv_universe.  We were given a pool of random statements provided by our fellow community members and challenged to create television show fandom graphics or write fanfic. I did graphics because it's all I know how to do.

Absolutely Fabulous, Galavant, Are You Being Served? & Merlin.

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Archiving below.

These are from a similar challenge at the [ profile] tv_universe done in April of this year. This one had a pool of movie, TV and book quotes.
#1-4 Absolutely Fabulous, #5 Galavant.
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Throwback Week graphics

Graphics for [ profile] gameofcards Throwback Week.

Absolutely Fabulous (2 sigtags, 1 picspam) & Space: 1999 (song-inspired graphics)

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